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10 August 2012

laju nye dia!!

Bolt leads Jamaica’s sweep of the 200 metres Usain Bolt became the first man to successfully defend both 100 and 200 sprint titles in an Olympic Games with a 19.32 clocking over 200 metres at the London Olympic Games on Thursday. 
This time is the third fastest time over the distance the world record holder has ever run in his career with 19.30 and 19.19 seconds done in 2008 and 2009 in Beijing and Berlin respectively. 
Bolt in an interview after the race said, “this is what I wanted and I got it. I came here to London to get the job done and I am this close to completing that task.” 
Bolt also led a historical feat as his teammates Yohan Blake 19.44 and Warren Weir – 19.84 (PB) are the first Non-Americans to complete a clean sweep of the 200 metres. 
Bolt is part of the team for the 4 X 100 metres relay. Jamaica has the world record of 37.04 which was run in Daegu at last year’s World Championships.

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