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09 December 2010


Friends 4-Life

Friends 4- life is what we are
Through thick and thin you were my friend
Leaning on you, you gave me support
The strength to get up and go again

If my heart was shattered, you'd heal it
If my heart was happy, we both rejoiced in it

You are my best friend
always and forever
It's been good
the best friendship ever
Never end, now and forever
biler bace benda neh ase cam kawan tuh EVERYTHING...ANYTHING....!!!!kan...ase cm xde org len dah lam dunia neh..kawan laaa sgala2nya....tapi suma tuh silap laa....ramai yang ckp...SUMTIME WE NEED FRENS,..SUMTIME WE NEED OTHER PERSON...SUMTIME WE NEED ALONE....soooo...maknenye kawan tuh bukan laaa siap mase ngn kita...kan...!!!WHATEVER IT IS....hargai laaa rakan2 yang ada dsekeliling kite neh...

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